Search From The Heart
Our Mission
We are here to change the way the world sees NFTs.
As humans increasingly interact with the decentralised digital landscape, new challenges are posed - creation is endless, scams are rife and information is inaccessible. We are determined to smooth and improve that experience for all.
  • We believe in the technology
  • We believe in creators
  • We believe in people's desire to own digital assets
Sorting through endless charts and metadata is not the future. The future is safer, more accessible, more fun and more personalised.
This is what drives us to build everyday.
What We Believe in

Always aim for better.

Ground breaking products aren't built by being easily satisfied.
When we continue to raise the bar, we continue to add value.
When we endeavour to set a higher standard for our work, we create something we can be proud of. This is also true for personal growth.
We continuously strive to be better for ourselves and for the space. Be yourself, but be the best version of yourself.

Look out for each other.

As we venture into new realms, we have each other's backs.
When we embrace reciprocity and help others achieve, not only do we exponentially improve ourselves, but we elevate the whole.
We are speedboats that move in formation, which helps us change course easily and as one.
We go faster and further, together.

Make the complex, simple (and the simple, compelling)

Don't waste words. Don't speak in jargon. The smartest people don't need to show off. The real skill is in making complicated ideas, simple and exciting.

Debate, commit and take the leap.

We want to push the boundaries of what's possible. To do that we celebrate respectful debate by creating a safe space to disagree.
But we don't disagree without reason, we do it to share something we've learned, and land somewhere great. With a commitment by all to the final decision, we take the leap to create something special.